jGrader* A cloud-based grading system for AP Computer Science
jGrader has officially shut down. If you are interested in the technology behind the site and/or would like to self-host a similar solution, feel free to check out our Github repo.

* What is jGrader?


jGrader is a cloud based grading system designed for use within a high school AP Computer Science program. The system allows teachers to easily collect, grade, and provide feedback on assignments. Teachers can execute code submitted by their students directly in their browsers. It's easy to use and allows teachers to focus on what they do best - teach!


jGrader was started by Brian Singer and Greg Carlin, two teaching assistants for an AP Computer Science class in Armonk, New York. The original idea came from the computer science teacher at the local high school, who was tired of the tediousness he dealt with when grading AP Computer Science assignments. Now, jGrader can help you too focus on your students' success.

Automatic Testing

jGrader has the ability to create test-cases for each assignment. After the teacher creates the test-cases, the teacher has ability to automatically run students' code against each case. This allows for teachers to see if a program is written correctly and/or properly handles edge cases. Autograding is flexible, powerful, and does the busy work for you.


jGrader has line-by-line commenting that allows for teachers to tell their students how they can improve their code. Leave comments on sections of their code, and provide suggestions that will help them get a 5 on the AP exam.